About us

About us

The story of unspoiled jewels

Unspoiled Jewels was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, by three childhood friends who share a passion for creativity and exploration.

The inspiration behind the jewelry comes from the three founders extroverted approach to life.

We love exploring new opportunities and being receptive to life’s experiences. This approach is expressed in our jewelry collection, which represents the diversity of cultures and fascinating stories you create on life’s journey.

It is our ambition to create jewels that tell a story. We believe that jewels should express something meaningful for the person who wears it, giving him or her the opportunity to preserve these special moments for eternity in an Unspoiled Jewel.

A trip to Africa that changed everything

In 2010, the two brothers and future founders of Unspoiled Jewels, Philip and Patrick, went on a family trip with their mother to South Africa – the country that she was born and raised in until the cruelty of apartheid made her parents, of Danish origin, migrate back to Denmark. This family trip back in 2010 was going to set the ground of what 5 years later became Unspoiled Jewels.

After visiting their mothers childhood house, school and neighboorhood, it became very clear that a lot had changed since, the now 60 year old woman had left some 44 years ago – This trip back memory lane made an extremely powerful and emotional impression to their mother. So many things had changed since she was here the last time, back in 1966. Their mothers memory of her beautiful childhood street with big green trees on both sides and children playing from one end to the other, stood in enormous contrast to the reality of what was in front of us that day in 2010. Decades of lacking maintenance as a repercussion of Apartheid had left the then colorful and warm neighborhood, in total anarki.

It was after this experience the two brothers came up with the idea of creating a piece of jewelry, that could contain the pure and unspoiled memory of a special time and place to the one carrying it, even though that place might have changed over the years that has past. The idea was born.

Next fase was designing the first collection. It was at this point the brothers reached out to their childhood friend Nick Philip. Nick Philip who had always loved jewelry, and who is an incredible talented designer, was absolutely hooked on the idea and philosophy which was presented to him. It was of great importance to the three friends and brothers, that the jewelry didn´t just tell a story, but also had a unique, elegant and timeless design. The team was now set and ready to begin their adventure together.



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