The Continent Necklace is inspired by the World that surrounds us.

With its curvy surface and unique shaping, we acknowledge all its diversity. We want to give you the opportunity, to place a diamond in a place close to your heart, and engrave your coordinates to remember the exact place, where your memory unfolded. The necklace fossilizes your special moments, so you can carry those unforgettable memories with you forever.

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Chain Lengths – 42cm, 60cm and 80cm

Material Options

925 Sterling Silver
24k Gold-Plated Sterling silver
14k Solid Gold


Coin – Width 24mm – Thickness 2.5mm
Chain – MEN 2.0mm – WOMEN 1.5mm

Continent Necklace – WOMEN

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Preserve life's special moments
Reasons to remember
Jett Kwong Kelly - Musician @jettkwong

"The house I grew up in is a place that is so special to me, and a place I still think of till this day"

Travelling all around the world, Jett has visited a lot of beautiful places and made a lot of great memories. She choose to put the diamond in Colorado, and engrave the coordinates from the exact place of the house in Denver she grew up in. Wearing the necklace when she is traveling around the world reminds her of her childhood and her family. Read story..
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