The meaning of the signet ring

A little bit of history..

Ever since we launched our first collection of Continent necklaces, we have been eager to design a signet ring with the same expression, visual aspect and opportunity of being customized by the customers.

Many people wear or own signet rings today. They are expressions of individuality and fashion statements, sometimes they are even family heirlooms. In fact the signet ring used to be an important cultural item of jewelry and has played a surprisingly significant role in history.

Before the days of the internet, it was normal for all the most influential people in the world to have signet rings and use them to confirm the authenticity of a document. Signet rings usually look magnificent but they were designed with a very practical purpose in mind. Every ring was unique, the markings usually included the family crest but there would always be a significant mark which personally identified the ring holder.

We want to give our customers the opportunity to wear a signet ring that has a unique touch as well. By placing a diamond or getting the coordinates of a special place engraved on the ring, it is possible to wear a piece of jewelry that is both traditional and personal at the same time.


The details of our signet ring

We wanted our signet ring to fit all fingers, so we made two different mirror sizes. The SMALL one – often worn on the pinky finger, and the BIG one worn on any other finger – both unisex. We have made 28 different countries and 4 states in the first drop – more are to come. It is possible to place a black or white diamond in a city of your choice and to get the coordinates of a special place engraved on the ring. Hit the button below and start customizing your new signet ring.